Our essence, qualities, and emotional history are alive in our bodies and can be reached through working with the body.  Biodynamic therapy takes its name from the life force that animates our entire being and on which we rely to keep our body and mind healthy and in balance.  However, the natural free flow of our life energy can become depleted or blocked by the demands and stresses of our past and present experiences, which may manifest as muscle tension, headache, sleeplessness, depression, and sometimes the feeling of being overwhelmed by life.

Biodynamic therapy works with body and mind as an indivisible whole, promoting your capacity for self-regulation, and helping you to feel at home in your body.  Its aim is to enhance your natural capacity for health, wellbeing and enjoyment of life, and reconnect you to your hidden riches so that you can become more fully the person you truly are.

My training provides two therapeutic approaches which have a similar intention and philosophy.  They will support you where you are and help you to find greater balance and aliveness in both body and mind.  Biodynamic Massage is a self-contained treatment that aims to promote and enhance well-being.  Biodynamic Psychotherapy provides a deeper level of support and not only engages with how you are in the present moment, but also explores your past experiences and how they impact on your present life.